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About Us

Welcome to, one of the first GPS Fleet Monitoring System that has full access to the system. We’re dedicated on giving you the very best of our services, with a focus on maximizing business effeciency, security, to increase business profits and to give more value to your clients, the result is a big leap compared to traditional fleet operations, Fast competetive decision making, Maximizes business work force and Time of operations, there for lowering the cost of fuel consumption, communication expense and operations.

Founded in 2009 as our family business dream solution for our Taxi Fleet Business, by Christopher Andrew H. Palermo, GeoTracker Fleet Monitoring Sytem has come a long way from its beginnings in our garage back in Makati City, Philippines, When GeoTracker Fleet Monitoring System first started out as an ambitious personal project, his passion for developing business solutions has come a long way, and gave him the impetus to turn hard work and inspiration into to an enovative solutions for business fleets alike. We aim to serve customers all over the Philippines and are thrilled to be a part of the prime business solutions industry.

We hope you enjoy our services as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

This is the best solution for all false claims by personnels like Hold Up Me, Hijack Me, Lazy Drivers, Unauthorized side trips and many more. experience the difference of having an over view of all your fleet and personnel while recording all their activities remotely and securely all at the same time.

Christopher Andrew H. Palermo, CEO, Founder

Server Information is a web based application run in java web archive, this means there is no installation needed to access the server, you can also access the server on almost any smart devices like Tablets, Smartphones, Laptops, Desktops and other iDevices, just go to your browser then type in the URL bar "". services are made to manage different kinds of GPS Devices and is compatible with more than 80+ GPS Device Protocols and more than 600 models of GPS tracking devices, We have used this GPS Technology for more than 4 years already for our personal and business needs, We have develop this Service for us to use primarily so we know the benefits of this service first hand. ( See Server Features ) There are four levels of users with restrictions and security for the users privacy needs. Administrator Account, Manager Account, Standard User Account, and Read Only Account. Geotracker Server Services has over a dozen feature, but to give you a few idea of what our server can do, here's a short feature list and explanation.

  • Server constantly saves the location of all your GPS Devices 24/7 in a Database for History Retrieval purposes and for other references, Our Procedure is "Active Monitoring", this means you can view a vehicle history from date desired to present time online at any laptop or computer you own. Unlike Passive GPS Monitoring that you need to wait for your GPS Device to be hand held to you for you to download its limited history record. And we also have a lightweight web tracker version.
  • Server records all vehicles odometer count automatically so you don't need to view your vehicle odometer individually, Having the odometer data means the server can notify you for a scheduled maintenance depending on the vehicle's registered odometer count, This feature is very helpful once you estimated your vehicle's regular maintenance. The more data the server has, the smarter and more helpful it"ll be for your business.
  • Intuitive Server Side Multiple Geo-Fencing feature, other GPS devices don't have this feature built in within the device but some higher priced GPS device have, typical geofencing feature of GPS devices is applicable only for one location, then for you to register your desired location, you need to enter a numeric geo location of longitude and latitude depending on the desired location and diameter of the desired geofenced area. The typical procedure is rather tedious and complex task. Imagine doing this process to all your GPS devices. We have come up a solution to this. You can set not only one but multiple geofencing rule to a multiple GPS devices. Even if that GPS device doesn't have a geofencing feature. Group devices and create multiple geofences intuitively with our server side geofence manager. You can do all of this remotely even if your vehicle is at its trip.

We hope you will also experience an efficient and innovative way of tracking your fleet of vehicles and other valuable assets, we know that business owners should monitor their assets constantly to be competitive efficiently and be constantly secure. We want to be a part of your business growth as a service for your business efficiency and security.

G.P.S. Device Lists

GPS Devices For Kids, Elderly, Personel & Vehicles, have one thing in common, they report to you where they are currently when you send a Command/Txt/Call to them, however they also have one major problem, they dont store their routing history somewhere safe, there are some that stores it in their internal memory, but whats the point of having a GPS device when you'll only have control or access over it when it is hand held to you personally or you have to dig it out of your vehicle every now and then? The point of having a GPS Device is having control over it REMOTELY in REAL TIME, and logs its location history remotely where you can access it securely for investigation, security and stratigic purposes.

Connect your G.P.S. Device to our server

If you want your GPS devices or your clients GPS Devices to be connected to our servers and make it work at its full potential. dont hesitate to contact us, we have very affordable data with server plans for your tracking needs. This means you dont have to register to a prepaid promo every month for your convenience, security, and your GPS tracking needs.

Note : The purpose of this list is to show a list of GPS Devices that are currently running with our Geotracker server. Please refer to the respective sellers of GPS Devices regarding more information and description of your desired GPS devices.

Contact us if you want us to reffer you to one of our preffered G.P.S. Retailers.

GPS RElated news

Read or watch the real events of how G.P.S. helped other bussiness owners recovered their vehicles and busted their personel false claims.

Hi-jacked Truck recovered...

A Hi-jacked truck was recovered with the help of the G.P.S. Device in Dasmarinas Cavite. The truck was already being torn apart, getting ready to be sold seperatly....

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1.5M Busted Fake Hi-Jack...

A fake Hi-Jack report was busted with the help of the G.P.S. Device, The driver even reported the incident to the authorities about the claimed that they where Hi-Jacked by armed men...

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Recovered Hi-jacked Van...

A closed van hi-jacked in cubao quezon city was recovered after the police operation held in ilocos malabon, with the help of the G.P.S. Devic the closed van container near to a Million peso...

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For inquiries or qoutation dont hesitate to message us here, we'll replay with your quiries with a smile.

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