Where to Get Bitcoins?

There are four ways to get bitcoins, Earn them, Join revenue sharing program, Gamble with them, Buy them from your Bitcoin Wallet, or Mine them by your self. From somebody who did. Mining is the process by which new coins are created: you tell your computer to crunch through a set of difficult mathematical problems and success is rewarded with bitcoin. That sounds simple, but successfully installing and running the necessary software isn't for the faint of heart. And there are further hurdles, like Operation cost of electricity ( Mainly for cooling your decryptors ), Wear and tear of all equipments. Only a finite number of bitcoins can ever be created and as more and more people compete to mine them, they require more and more computing power to unlock.

We have search and tested many Bitcoin earning websites and Pay per click websites that pays Bitcoin, however most of them are scams in a way that it will make you think that their system is programed to hinder you from reaching their qouta for a Pay out,Sad to say that results to a discuragment of the user in earning their first Bitcoin. we think there are too many Bitcoin offering in the internet to the point that it becomes confusing for a startup person that wants to earn legit Bitcoin, most of the site that offers free bit coins gives you survey or task that most of the time the user are meant to fail on most of the questions, there are also some that are legit but pays too cheap to their advertisments clickers. and there are a few that gives enough with their advertisment clickers and partners. Check out our tested list of where to earn bitcoins, We have already earned from their services.

#OneHash Lets you gamble online anonymously , But "NOT" with a program like a casino or some program generated game. We let you bet with real people from real life games and what ever is happening in an international scale, like, you can bet who will win in the latest NBA playoffs, or you can bet in the Stock Market if the USD value will rise or fall, who will win in the internation battle of DOTA2, No one can cheat cause the whole world knows what are the true results.

Want to Mine your own Bitcoin?

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